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10- Quick Protein Snack Ideas |

10- Quick Protein Snack Ideas

Hummue-Dip-and-Veggies So I am fairly new to this high protein living and I am always searching for great ideas I see on the internet on how to get my protein in and still keep my food tasty. Below are some great suggestions to help you get your protein in and keep it quick and tasty.

1-Quick Wraps-(18 grams of protein) I love this one simply take a piece of cheese and wrap it around some healthy low sodium lunch meat for a protein power snack. Or you could also use a lettuce leaf and wrap that around the cheese  and lunch meat. This is a quick, cheap and yummy way to grab and go with your protein.

2-Veggies and Dip-(depends on your Greek Yogurt but around 15-17 grams protein) You know I talk about the benefits of greek yogurt all the time it is a awesome way to get your protein in, but a great way to make a fun dip for your veggies too. Take a ranch dressing dry mix pouch and add it to a container of plain greek yogurt and then dip your veggies for a high protein snack.

3-Tuna Salad Lettuce Wraps-(15 grams of protein) Create your tuna salad using chopped celery, hard boiled eggs chopped and greek yogurt instead of your mayo and then wrap it with a lettuce leaf. Quick an easy lunch.

4-Cottage Cheese and Fresh Fruit-(16 grams of protein)Cottage cheese is loaded with protein and a great way to have a really delicous snack is to incoporate your cottage cheese and some fresh fruit like peaches, pineapple or grapes to have a quick and yummy high protein snack.

5-Hard Boiled Eggs-Eggs are an excellent source of protein and having hard boiled eggs all ready to go in your refridgerator is a great way to insure you can just grab and go during the day and get your much needed protein in.

6-Peanut Butter Peanut butter is a another great source of high protein, but you also have to eat this in small amounts due to the high fat content. A good recommended amount is around two tablespoons and you can easily dip your apple slices, carrots, or even celery sticks into your peanut butter for a high protein and satisfying snack idea.

7-Greek yogurt with fresh fruit- (15-17 grams of protein) A lower calorie option is to buy plain vanilla greek yogurt and add your own fresh fruit to it. This allows you to control how much sugar is in your yogurt and your calorie count will be lower.

8-Beef or Turkey JerkyAny kind of jerky is a great alternative to get some high protein snack foods in, but the key to having any kind of jerky is to purchase the low sodium versions.

9-String Cheese SticksString cheese sticks are a great way to throw it in your purse and eat some cheese on your way to work, gives you a nice healthy way of getting your protein in. You can usually choose from Mozzarella, Co-jack or Cheddar.

10-Hummus and Veggies-Hummus made out of chick peas and as I am finding out is a delicious and great way to get your protein in while enjoying some veggies along the way.






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