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Reaching That Point In Life When You Start Gaining Confidence |

Reaching that point in life when you start gaining confidence

4972dc1356b8328fa6a6e828734bd2a98197359a For so many years I have wanted to reach that state in my life when I could start to be proud of myself for all the accomplishments I have done in life, the big ones and small ones. Over this five month journey of mine I have finally started to really start gaining confidence in myself and I am really proud of how far I have come. To get to this point was a long journey and there still are days when I look in the mirror and just feel like I did five months ago, helpless.

Gaining a little confidence is like getting a piece of yourself back, and you want to hold onto it as hard as possible. For so many years I have struggled with lack of confidence due to my weight and body image just like a lot of others out there. Then also having to deal with the hurt and anger when you step on that scale and see those numbers staring back at you that you don’t like or understand. We are own worst critics, we always doubt ourselves and our abilities and our worthiness. Then on top of that most obese people like myself have to deal with being criticized and critiqued and made fun of out in public. Or the embarrassment of not being able to fit into a booth at your favorite restaurant, or ride some rides at a amusement park, or drive a car because your stomach is in the way, or just walk around in a store without being exhausted. When you start dealing with all of these setbacks that happen due to our overeating and being obese it is no wonder we lack confidence in ourselves.

The one thing I am learning as I go on this journey is that it can be a very lonely process, and having that confidence in yourself that you can do this is all that gets me through it on some days. In my family I am the only overweight person right now, my sister use to be overweight but lost of all of her weight through eating healthy and exercise and she looks amazing. So as much as I try to share with them about my journey, they don’t really know all the struggles I have gone through and continue to go through due to my weight.

So that is why those that follow me on Facebook will notice I post EVERY accomplish I do, no matter how small. When I go the YMCA or the gym or anything I will post it on my Facebook page, and it is not to show off it is to hold me accountable and also to be proud of myself that I am not at home sitting on the couch.  When I started this journey in December I just decided that I wanted to work on building my self confidence, being honest about my struggles on this journey and be open in hope that I inspire someone else to get healthy.

Today when I look in the  mirror 95% of time I am so proud of whom I see staring back at me, today I see a woman who is so much stronger than she has ever given herself credit for. A woman who is for the first time in her life not quitting, a woman is fighting for her life with every bead of sweat she produces, and a woman who only wants to inspire and friend as many people along this journey as she can. Today I see a beautiful, spunky, redheaded woman who is eager to finally live in this world not just exists. My advice to you is if you are still struggling with confidence, do me a favor and each day look in the mirror and find something, anything nice about yourself. I don’t care if it is as small as your hair looks nice today, it doesn’t matter because you keep doing this each day what you will notice is you will start to really believe it. Because the truth is you MUST love yourself first above all others, and when you love yourself you will make yourself a better lover, friend, Mom, for everyone else.


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