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Great Tips To Get You Grilling Healthy This Year |

Great tips to get you grilling healthy this year

1132744346_1368703687 With the weather starting to turn warmer it is time to start up that grill and start enjoying some tasty foods. But part of our new lifestyle of living healthier is making better food choices so today I was going to share some great tips for grilling healthier this year.

Make Better Food Choices:

One of the new things I have started doing is checking and reading the food labels of everything I eat now, and one of the things I recently saw that shocked me was the calories in just one hot dog could be as much as 350 calories, and that is just for one hot dog. So this year instead of choosing those high calorie options read your food labels and maybe opt for turkey burgers instead of beef hamburgers and substitute turkey dogs instead of normal regular hot dogs. By cutting those calories and fats from your diet will allow you to eat more with your meal like fresh fruits and veggies or a great side salad.

Choose great Condiments and toppings:
Another great way we tend to add a lot of unnecessary and unwanted calories is in our condiments and toppings. Be sure to read your food labels and when it comes to your ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauces, mayonnaise and more be sure to choose the lowest calories and lowest fat versions you can find. And for your toppings try to choose fresh options to keep your calories way way down, try offering fat free cheese slices or low calorie cheese slices, lots of dark green leaf lettuces, tomato slices, avocado to replace your mayonnaise, onions, cherry tomatoes and so much more.

Choose your leaner meat options:

This year try cooking chicken and fish like salmon instead of your traditional steaks and hamburgers and hot dogs. By choosing leaner cuts of meat you are lowering  not only the daily calories you are going to consume but also your fat intake. When cooking chicken be sure to marinate your chicken in a low calorie option to boost it with flavor and cook your chicken in its skin to keep it moist and just take off skin before eating to remove that unnecessary fat. If you want a steak just try to choose a more leaner cut of meat to help lower the amount of fat you are consuming like choosing a flank steak, top loin or filet Mignon instead of a rib-eye or T-bone which tend to be on the fattier side.

Use rubs instead of sauces and marinades:

We all know the best part of a good BBQ is the flavor that comes on the meat, and this year try using rubs and herbs and seasonings more instead of marinating in fattier marinades to help cut down the calories and fat intake. Use heart healthy oils like coconut oil or canola oil and then seasonings of your choice. Some great options are lemons, ginger, garlic, cracked pepper, hot peppers, onions, chiles, cilantro, steak and chicken rubs, and more.

Add some veggies to your grilling:

A super fun to incorporate some veggies into your grilling is to make some kabobs. Kabobs are great way to offer a healthy food choice which still getting your yummy veggies in. Some great veggies you could try this season are mushrooms, onions, red onions, green peppers, pineapple, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, and more. For your protein options you could use chicken breast pieces, beef pieces, or a firm fish like a salmon or tuna. Just season in a low sodium and low calorie marinate or use a rub and grill those yummy veggies for a healthier grilling option.



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