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Get To Know Me, Not My Fat! |

Get to know me, not my fat!

stigma_1 For so many years I would never reach out and get to know people for fear of being “Fat Shamed” or made fun of behind my back. Sounds silly in this day and age that people are still so childish that they discriminate against obese people, but it happens everyday. It even has a name called “Fat Shaming” and it means what it says, where people are rolling their eyes, laughing at, poking fun or just being rude and trying to shame an obese person.

While I blame no one for my size and weight, I don’t think it is right to make a person whom is obese feel worse than they already do about themselves. Personally I do not see how that will change their lifestyle or situation one little bit. In my case it made me become a hermit and I am not joking about this. For years I would not leave my home except for the occasional trip to the grocery store for fear of the judging eyes and comments that were to follow me around the store. What was worse than the grocery store was when you would go out to eat at a restaurant and maybe you would treat yourself to a dessert, and you could feel people staring at you. Probably saying “Does she really need that piece of cake?” And of course the logical answer is “NO” I don’t need this piece of cake.

But the bottom line was I had not reached my bottom line yet where I was ready to make the big changes that I need to loose weight and be healthy. This article is not to defend my size or other people’s obese sizes, but it is to bring compassion to those of you whom are not overweight. If you met me in a grocery store would you start judging me in your head, saying oh thank god I am not that big, or man she needs to loose weight. Or would you try and walk up and simply say “Hi” to me. Unfortunately whether we want to admit it or not most of us  would start with the inner criticism having never met me, or knowing my journey and what it was that got me here in the first place.

Compassion is one thing I have for obese people because when I see someone whom is obese my first thought is, what happened to this person to get them to this point. Because every pound they have gained on their body there is a story to tell , and most times they are heart wrenching and heart breaking. Next time you go out to dinner, or your local department store and you see an obese person try not to judge them. Feel compassion because underneath all of that weight is a person in extreme emotional pain.


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