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Are You Addicted To Your Scale? |

Are you addicted to your scale?

SONY DSC When I first started out on my journey of learning to loose weight in a healthy manner, I was afraid to buy my first bathroom scale. By buying that bathroom scale it meant that for the first time in my life I really, truly had to be accountable to myself. No more was I going to be able to sneak in that extra cheeseburger or sugary snack and not have to worry about it, because now that bathroom scale would show me the true consequences of my actions.

For a few weeks I truly put off buying that scale, and then the worst part was having to buy the right scale for me. Now what that means is I started this journey weighing in at 326 pounds, you cannot just pick a scale up off the Walmart shelf and go. You have to do your research and make sure that the scale will be able to calculate  your weight, which in itself is very humiliating and shameful. Just another one of my things in life that I have had to adjust to to accommodate my size I had become.

Once I got that scale at home I made it a plan that I would weigh myself in every 3 days and I would weigh in at the same time each time. So the plan was to get up in the morning, go to the bathroom and then hop on the scale. One of the first thing I started to notice about my relationship with my bathroom scale was on some days I would be giddy as a school girl and other days it would leave me feeling depressed, mad at myself and ashamed. So this relationship with my bathroom scale was not starting off on the right foot. Soon I began to notice that I was developing an obsession with my scale, and instead of waiting my three day period I would find myself weighing myself several times a day, it was like a uncontrollable urge to see where I stood and then to scold myself. What I was noticing over time, is that I was allowing this bathroom scale to define the person I was becoming, rather than using this as a tool of losing weight like it meant for.

Soon I started to share with my friends in my support groups about my unhealthy relationship with my bathroom scale, and how it was almost turning into a unhealthy addiction how many times I was weighing myself a day. After speaking with several friends I realized I am not the only one who has or has had this same issue with their bathroom scale. So I started doing some research online to discover how I could fix, and turn this into a more healthy relationship where the number on the scale was simply a tool or information to motivate me to continue on my goal of loosing weight.

Here are a few signs that maybe you are having a unhealthy relationship with your bathroom scale:

1. Start to constantly weigh yourself:

When you first start out on your diet or healthy new lifestyle it is normal to be scared to step on the scale for your weigh in. But when you start to find yourself staring at your bathroom scale when you go to the bathroom and then start to find the urge to use it each time you see it, you might be developing an unhealthy relationship. You do not want to find yourself constantly preoccupied or obsessing with the number on the scale.

2. Find yourself weighing in more than once a day:

When speaking with my family physician whom I am working with on my 6 month medically supervised diet, he recommended weighing myself in on the scale no more than every 3-4 days and preferably once a week. The reason is your body is going to fluctuate in weight from each day with all the changes your body goes through. From the food you eat to the retaining water weight, bloating etc. By putting yourself on the scale more than once a day your are starting to put your mind through an emotional roller coaster that you do not need. Your journey to loose weight is a hard enough one without stressing yourself out even more.

3. At any point on any day you can point out your weight down to the fraction:

This could be a sure sign that you are starting to truly rely on the number on the scale too much. You should have a general idea of what your current weight but to know down to the fraction is a pure sign that you are weighing yourself too often.

4. You let the number on the scale determine how your day will go:

I suffered from this a lot when I first started out, if I saw a number that I didn’t like I could have a full day of depression and going through the “Oh poor me” syndrome. And normally when this would happen I would quit, and that would be it my diet was now over. If I didn’t see weight loss then in my mind that was a excuse to quite because obviously it wasn’t working. Instead of looking at why did I gain that weight, did I eat unhealthy or maybe not work out enough or maybe it was my time of the month. All of these are factors in gaining weight.

So my advice to you is if you have any of the above symptoms then you are having a unhealthy relationship with your scale. At this point I would recommend putting your bathroom scale into a closet or out of the way and only bring it out once a week to weigh yourself and then immediately put it away when you are finished. By not having that bathroom scale out in the middle of the room staring at you, it will make it easier to stop weighing yourself in too much.

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