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Juicing, Is This A Crazy New Trend, Or Is This For You? |

Juicing, is this a crazy new trend, or is this for you?

2 So I saw my friend David was getting rid of his old juicer and I had always wanted to try one before so I was intrigued. Then he explained further that he had watched as documentary called “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” about a Australian man who started juicing for 60 days to see if he would start to feel better. So that night I headed to Netflix and watched this documentary myself and it was so interesting. The main person in this documentary is Joe Cross and it chronicles how on his journey of only consuming fresh juice he was able to get off all of his medications, drop a 100 pd, and get healthy.

It was a great documentary because it showed how Joe would go around the United States talking to people about what he was doing, and inspiring people along the way. This got me to thinking about how I have the next two months with all of this dental work I am going through, and how juicing might be a great option for me. Along this journey I had really tried to think very hard about any morsel food I put into my body, and how it will benefit me in the long run. One thing I know that I am constantly struggling to get more of is my fruit and veggies and figured this might be a nice option to substitute at least one meal daily with some fresh fruit and veggie juice.

While researching for this article I came across so many informative websites that praise juicing for your body, and I wanted to share just some of the benefits I came across to name a few.

  • If you are not a big fruit or veggie person this is a great way to get a concentration of your fruit and veggies in a easy to drink juice form.
  • Having a highly concentrated diet of fresh fruit and veggies can protect against cardiovascular diseases and cancer and inflammatory diseases to name a few.
  • The nutrients and vitamins are more easily absorbed into your body in juice format.
  • Eating Fruit and Veggie juice can help in weight loss.
  • Juicing can help boost your immune system.
  • Juicing provides you with tons of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Some Other great tips for healthy juicing:

  • When choosing what you are going to juice try to get it at twice the amount of veggies to fruits. For example two fruits to four veggies that way you are not getting as many sugars in.
  • When you juice you loose the natural fiber in your pulp so you can reuse the pulp in soups or muffin mixes to get your daily fiber in.
  • Your calorie content on juices will remain lower if you tend to keep your juice heavier on the veggies than on the fruits.
  • If  you need protein you can add almonds or yogurt into your juice or even peanut butter.

Word of caution here I would NOT recommend doing a juice only diet, without consulting your physician first. While juicing is awesome, you will also be losing out on a lot of nutrients and vitamins and minerals you need for example your protein which helps you to feel full. For me personally, I am going to add some unflavored whey protein powder to my juice drinks and use these as meal replacements one or two times daily. This is only for the time it takes me to get all of my dental work done. Figured juicing was going to be a healthier option for me personally then just eat soups and pudding for two months. During this juicing journey I will keep you posted on my progress but please remember all of my juices will have added protein.


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