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Remembering Those Small Milestones |

Remembering those small milestones

water-aerobics The last few days I have been battling a horrible sinus infection, and just getting in any exercise in has proven to be a challenge. When I get sinus infections I tend to become a big air head, I think my brain is just on pause. So since I knew I was so tired and probably not ready for a round on the treadmill, I decided to at least try and get at least one class of water aerobics in daily. So Monday and Tuesday I was able to get one morning class in to allow myself to get some exercise in for the day.

This morning as I was walking into my local YMCA it hit me how far I have come in just two months time. When I first started this journey of trying to live a healthier lifestyle I was barely able to walk from one side of my house to the other without being winded and exhausted. In the middle of January I decided to sign up for YMCA to start attending water aerobics, per my surgeon’s suggestion. The journey to get from the car to the front doors of the YMCA seemed like I was walking forever. When I finally reached those door handles, I remembered how hard I was breathing, and sweating.  Inside the doors I went in and sat at the chairs immediately to the left,  and just sat there trying to catch my breath. In that moment I remember my heart just racing, my breathing labored, and me sitting there wondering how I was going to be able to walk that everyday.

Sitting there in those chairs, I quietly had a conversation with myself, and I told myself that too often I would join the YMCA and then just simply give up and would quit coming. In honesty a lot of it was because the YMCA is so crowded that I would have to park in the far back parking lot, and walking from that parking lot into the YMCA was enough exercise as it was. I sat there in there chair and made myself a promise that this time would not be like all the other times, that no matter how long and how far the walk was,  we were going to come in and work out. So after I caught my breath, I made it to the front desk and signed up for my membership.

So this morning with my black and white and hot pink bag strapped over my shoulders and feeling exhausted from my head cold, I walked from the back parking lot into those doors of the YMCA, through the lobby and into the women’s locker room. Never once did I have to pause or rest to catch my breathe, as matter of fact I had a brisk pace to my walking and I arrived into the women’s locker room not out of breathe, but ready to tackle my class. This is a much different site to the one in mid January who could only make it was far as inside the doors before she would have to sit, and rest and catch her breath.

Those days are something I am not proud of, but in the same token I also would not change them. Because I know for a fact that someone reading this very story right now, can relate to where I was just a short time ago. Remember this lifestyle change I am going through all started with one step, and then another, and then another. The difference this time is, when I get tired and have those bad and rough days, I dust myself off and just keep going and pushing myself each and every day. And the most important part is to reflect back and see the changes you are making, and remember even those small milestones and victories along the way. Because they are all important in your journey.

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