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Fun And Creative Ways To Spice Up Your Protein Shakes |

Fun and Creative Ways to Spice Up Your Protein Shakes

Spiced-Apple-Protein-Shake-500x354 My sister was telling me how she spiced up a Kelloggs Vanilla Protein shake the other day and it got me thinking of other ways we could change up our protein shakes. Because after awhile the protein shakes just loose their appeal and it is nice if we can offer some variety while still getting our much needed protein in us. Before I get ahead of myself I wanted to share what my sister tried as it sounds so delicious. My sister used the Kelloggs Vanilla Protein shake and she added it to a blender and added some ice, cinnamon and nutmeg and blended for a new frothy protein shake, it sounds amazing and so easy which I love.

A super easy way to add some flavor without adding any sugar or calories to your drink is to add some extracts to your shakes. Just a few drops of your favorite extract can add some powerful flavor without adding any additional calories or sugar to your protein shake. Some extract ideas you could try depending on the flavor of your shakes are vanilla flavor, vanilla extract, peppermint extract, coconut extract, orange or raspberry.

Another great option is to purchase a flavor shot syrup to your protein shake. When you go to your local coffee shop and get your favorite drink sometime they will add a flavor shot to your drink well you can buy those flavor shots online and they even offer sugar free versions for you to choose from. Here are just a couple I found online that you could try and see if they have any flavors you might like.

  1.  Da Vinci Gourmet
  2.  Torani

Another great options and probably something you already have in your kitchen right now is spices. Sometimes I think we forget how wonderful and powerful adding spices can be when we are cooking, and the same thing can be said about adding some spice and flavor to our protein drinks. Some great spices you could try to help add some flavor to your protein shakes are cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and of course cloves just to name a few.

Another great option I saw on another site is that someone took their protein shakes and added it to popsicle molds and created frozen protein bars. It was a great and fun way to still get your protein in but to get it in a new format.

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