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Facing Your Fears Of The Unknown |

Facing Your Fears of the Unknown

1794546_408509995960800_1786842278_n Over the last few months I have shared with you all some of my fears I have dealt with over my life of obesity, and there are many. Well last night I conquered yet another fear of mine and it had to do with feeling inadequate and out of place and fearing that I could not finish. Yesterday my friend who has been my workout buddy over the last few months invited me to try out a free class of Zumba at our local Liv Rite fitness center. For months now I have seen the Zumba videos online and see all the fun the ladies look like they are having, and I must confess I even tried a few of the YouTube videos in the privacy of my own home. Only to discover this poor girl suffers from the “Two Left Feet” syndrome or better known as “This Mommy can’t dance” syndrome lol.

The moment my friend asked me I felt instant fear and also like I wanted to have a panic attack. Because I have been forcing myself that when someone asks me to do something that I normally would not do out of fear, then I force myself to face that fear. But Zumba or a exercise class in general already? Was I ready? Was I fit enough? Was I going to be able to last the whole hour? What if I needed a break to breathe or take a break? Oh the questions they just kept flooding into  my head and it was making me more anxious as the day went on, but I turned to my friend and said “OK let’s do this”. But as I left our conversation the anxiety was going crazy in me so I decided to take things into my own hands and go and visit the place and see what would happen if I couldn’t keep with everyone else or needed a break. The instructor happened to be there and showed me around and explained that everyone works at their own pace there and it was perfectly ok if couldn’t keep up or needed a break.

M-le-Zumba-2 So five rolled around and into Zumba class we went, I had made the leap and conquered a huge fear of mine. Inside the classroom it was really warm and that worried me because I like it when it is cool not hot and humid. Then the class started, now I am not going to sit here and tell you I was an amazing dancer and was salsaing all over the dance floor. The truth of the matter was I was covered in sweat, with two left feet and going left when I should of gone right and going forward when I should of been turning. Inside that dance floor I was a forty-two year old hot sweaty mess of a women who was just trying to two steps together, but the big but of this story is I didn’t give up. The old Angie would of high tailed it fifteen minutes into that class when my breathing became almost overwhelming and there was sweat pouring out of every open pore of my body. But this Angie, she pulled her big girl britches up, took a few deep breaths and just kept on going. Occasionally you would see me off on the side taking a break for a minute or so trying to catch my breathe, but you know what. That is ok, because I hung in there, I had fun and I didn’t walk away and quit.

For too many years the answer to me facing anything that would scare me was a simple “NO thank you”, but today I try to face all my fears. Facing my fears has also proven to me that the things I feared I usually find myself enjoying. Such as my fear of going to the Mall because I was afraid of people judging me, I am a Mall junkie now. My girlfriend and I will go out there on the weekends to get some walking done and some good old girl gossiping, I love the Mall now. Zumba class was also another thing I feared and it wound up that I really like Zumba class and I am going back tonight. So if you have things that you are scared of trying or you hold back for fear of the judgement of others, stop. Face your fears and start to really live your life for the first time.


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