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Staying Motivated, And Steering Away The Depression And Temptations |

Staying Motivated, and Steering Away the Depression and Temptations

Make things happen Currently I am finding myself having to occasionally fight a battle with depression that comes and goes, and sometimes it will interfere with my motivation to continue on my course.  Figured this was a great blog post for today, because I know for the Facebook messages and emails that I receive that many of my friends and Facebook fans also fight with this problem, of how to stay motivated daily and not let depression sneak back in. Now I am no expert, and I don’t know have the answer for everything but I figured I would share my struggle and how I am learning to cope with it. In hopes that it might inspire or help you out as well.

Seems no matter how excited and motivated we are depression can sneak in like a little unwanted monster into your life, and when it sneaks in your motivation can slip right out the window. The challenge comes in how to keep yourself upbeat and motivated on course without verving off due to the depression monster trying to sneak back in. You don’t want to go through your day asking yourself “Why am I  doing this again?”, when it is so much better to say to yourself “I can do this, just one healthy choice at a time.”

With social media so readily at your fingertips these days thanks to modern technology you can now access support via your phone, tablet, ipad, computer and more whenever you need a little pick me up. If you look on Facebook you should be able to find tons of groups you can join to get support from your online community, which is great way to read other people’s stories, struggles, triumphs to keep you motivated and going.

1-Set a goal to help you achieve those smaller victories, such as I want a new outfit, or I would love to go out with friends but I need to eat healthy this week and work out. Setting small attainable goals may be a great way to go and keep that motivation going for yourself.

2-Working out can make you feel so much better, helps to remove that guilt of over eating, eating something you shouldn’t have, or just keeping the stress away.

3-Have a accountablity buddy whether it is a person that you can turn to for support for those times when you are feeling down, or maybe you fell off that wagon and cheated with a cheeseburger etc. If you don’t have someone you feel you can confide in, another alternative it to make yourself a accountablity jar for you ONLY. Put this jar in a private place so only you will access it, and leave notes inside when things are getting you down or you cheated and need to be held accountable. But once you workout or do something healthy for yourself remove one of those notes and dispose.

4-This is one I struggle with and that is making excercise a habit. With our busy lives and busy schedules it can be hard to squeeze in enough time in the day to get your workout in. But I have learned that nothing is more important than losing this weight, and we have to make excercising a priority.

5-If you are losing motivation because you feel like you are working out the same routine or using the same machines over and over again it is time to add a little variety. Try a excercise class like Zumba or water aerobics or try walking your local mall or neighborhood to get your steps in. By changing up your routine it will help to keep you motivated to keep going.

6-Do a before photo showing your profile and post that as your screen saver on your phone and computer this can serve as motivation to see the new skinnier you.

7-Take post it notes and leave yourself little encouraging notes around your computer screen or bathroom mirror to help motivate yourself, and to keep you feeling postive.


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