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Why Do You Have To Be So Honest? |

Why do you have to be so honest?

1375923_10200643237268345_1815923711_n This was a question I have had asked to me a couple times during the last month, the biggest controversy seems to be why am I admitting that I am trying to qualify for gastric bypass surgery? Well I guess my question is why not tell people the truth, that my weight has gotten out of control and I need some help to learn to live again and lose this weight?

For years the subject of weight loss surgery has been so taboo in our culture, take a look at Star Jones whom everybody knew had weight loss surgery and for whatever reason she was too ashamed to admit it to the public. In today’s day and age where obesity is so prevalent, I don’t want to hide anything. Besides the fact you all would find it pretty strange when after my surgery I start dropping pounds like crazy. So my philosophy is to be honest, from how the extra weight has really effected my lifestyle to the reasons I am going this route.

Gastric Bypass is a extreme route to take I realize, and I am very educated and informed on everything I will be going through and everything I will be giving up to make this a reality. Such as caffeine, sugar, pasta etc. But when you weigh those things out againest, me finding love once again and living a healthier lifestyle and being active, things just don’t compare. The sad thing is I have wasted half of my life, living a sheltered and scared life, and thinking I was no good and worthless, and now it is like the clouds have parted ways and the made things so much clearer. No longer do I want to be the one sitting on that bench of life watching everyone else around me doing things, and getting what they want. From now on I want to be the one running towards my goals and building a new life for myself.

From my very first blog entry I told you I would be  brutally honest, and at times you might be shocked. So that is why I am being so honest about the route I am choosing to loose  my weight. My small little blog post have already been making a diffrence in people’s lives as I receive the emails, and private messages on Facebook, and that is all I want. So hopefully another person life myself whom might think they are worthy of taking care of themselves and getting healthy can look to me for inspiration and support along the way of their journey too.


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  1. I LOVE that you’re inspired to make a positive, life-changing decision! The means by which you do it is YOUR business. YOUR decision. YOUR reasons. You don’t have to explain any of these things to ANYBODY. One of the nurses at my doctor’s office as well as my sister-in-law had bypass surgery with AMAZING results and BOTH of them are sticking by the lifestyle changes they had to make in order to stay on top of their weight loss successes. I think you’re doing fantastic! Don’t let the opinions of others diminish your happiness and motivation. You got this!

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