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The Learning Curve Of Salt |

The Learning Curve of Salt

Salt- Over the last two months I feel like everyday I am being overwhelmed with so much new information I am learning, from items I can eat or should eat to items I should not. How protein is so important if you wanting to loose weight, and especially important if you are considering bariatic surgery. Counting my calories and checking how many grams of sugar are in items that I sometimes forget another important component which is your daily salt intake. According to the American Heart Associations website they claim that over 97% of all Adults will consume too much salt on a daily basis. That number shocked me, I know that when I was eating I had alot of salt on a daily basis but 97% of adults that number is wild.

Similiar to sugar, salt is also naturally found in alot of foods, and it is also added to foods during the cooking processes. Average daily sodium intake that is recommended for adults is around 1,500 mg of sodium or salt a day. While you should definatly have some salt in your diet you want to keep your sodium intake low as high sodium levels can cause you retain more water retention, may lead to high blood pressure or also heart disease.

Below you will find a great poster that I came across and wanted to share with you that has some awesome tips for foods you normally eat and how they can be high in sodium.


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