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Aren’t You Embarressed To Do Water Aerobics? |

Aren’t you embarressed to do water aerobics?

aerobics_480 Every since I decided under the advice of my doctor to start doing water aerobics to help out in my journey to loose weight, I have gotten those questions. Some people try to be non-nonchalant in the way they speak about me going to water aerobics, and some don’t think it is a true form a of exercising since it helps elevate pain on your joints. So I thought I would bare my soul on this issue and lay it on the line. Walking into the YMCA to attend water aerobics class on the first day, well it felt humiliating.

In that classroom I was by far the youngest person, where most of the people in my thirty person classroom was well into their sixties and older. But pulling my big girl shorts up I decided I was here I was going to give it a shot, and I got into that water and started into my first class. Within fifteen minutes of class I was noticing that my heart was racing so fast, I was starting to have labor breathing and both of my ankles were killing me, and for a moment I felt that tinge of “Will I be able to make it through this class?” At that moment I decided to push through, and see if I could complete a full hour long session. After completing my first class something amazing happened, for the first time in my exercising I was able to finish a exercise program from beginning to end without having to stop to take a break and catch my breath, and it felt amazing. Nothing to me is more humiliating than when I go to the gym with my friends and have to keep pausing to catch my breathe and allow my heart to quit racing, I always feel like a loser when this happens. But completing the water aerobics class made me feel good, like I had finally accomplished something.

At one point feeling very accomplished because I was now able to finally complete and finish two hours of water aerobics I decided to invite a friend of mine to class one night. I was so excited to have her join me, in hopes she would love the class and maybe decide to join with me. But instead she felt as though the class did nothing for her, and kind of made a few comments that hurt my feelings like she felt the class was not hard enough. I know that is not how she meant to come off, but none the less it hurt my feeling and here is why. While my friend yes she is overweight, I am almost exactly 100 pounds heavier than her, that is a lot of weight. And I don’t think people realize when you are heavy as I am, just walking through your house is hard, let alone getting into a swimming suit in front of everyone and doing water aerobics. So NO I am not embarrassed to be doing water aerobics, because I can honestly say I feel like I get a awesome workout. During a one hour class my heart rate is rapid for at least 40-45 minutes allowing me to get my good cardio in, that I might be able to do nearly that long on a treadmill.

So even though water aerobics class is usually filled with women and men much older than me, I am happy to report that I have started to develop some real friendships with a lot of these ladies and it touches me more than you know. See my Grandma Caho is the whole reason I am able to take this journey into getting healthy, she left me an inheritance that has allowed me to get healthy and work on me. So every time I go to water aerobics class and I get to hang out with my old lady friends, I get teary eyed and choked up at times because I am reminded of my Grandma Caho and how she has made this possible. My Grandma Caho was one of sweetest, kindest, and funny ladies I ever had the pleasure of knowing and thanks to her my kids will hopefully have many more years with their Mother.


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