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Getting Your Water In? |

Getting Your Water In?

1743676_10202103291238053_1120024134_n I must confess before I started changing my eating  habits and making this big lifestyle change I was not a big fan of plain old boring water, so getting my daily intake was somewhat of a chore. Since making all of these changes I have been trying to make a more conscious decision to really listen to my body, and pay attention to the changes in my body. One of the biggest things I have noticed is that when I am slacking in getting my water  intake in for the day several things start happening, one I am hungry more hungry than I normally am and I am usually craving either salty or sweet things of which neither is a good option. Second thing I will notice is that I will feel lethargic or like I simply just do not have any energy.

So as with everything I really began doing my research on how important drinking plenty of water is essential to anyone wanting to loose weight. Water is one of the most important tools in your fight against the bulge as it really helps to lose weight and keep it off. When you drink your water prior to eating any meals or snacks it works as a natural appetite suppressant, allowing you to feel more full before you start eating causing you to eat less. Water also helps your body metabolized stored fat that you have hidden on you. There are many studies out there that show when you do not drink water or slack in your daily consumption it will cause fat deposits to increase, while if you increase your water intake it will help reduce your fat deposits. Also another thing that is very common in women is water retention and this caused because when your body does get enough water, it will perceive this as a threat and will then hold onto every last drop of water. This will start to show up as swollen feet and hands and ankles, and some people may turn to diuretics which is a temporary solution, a more permanent solution is simply increasing your daily water intake.

1781859_10202103245476909_1378957071_o Below are some tips to get your water intake in daily:

  • Add a no-calorie flavoring to your drink, I love the MIO Liquid and personally use the lemon and orange tangerine flavor. What is great about these alternative is if you are use to getting your calories through drinking such as big soda drinkers, this will give you some taste to your water with zero calories.
  • Challenge a friend on whom can get the most water in a daily basis great to do with a co-worker.
  • Make it a habit to drink a big glass of water before getting out of bed in the morning, and then with 30 minutes before every meal throughout the day.
  • Convience is the key to making this a easy transition to you, use a big plastic cup that you keep within arms reach all day long.
  • When you have those nasty cravings for something sweet or salty try drinking a big glass of water first and see if that does not curb those cravings first.
  • Drink your water using a straw, the reason for this is that you tend to take bigger swigs or drinks when sipping from a straw.
  • Add fresh fruit to flavor your water, the best way to do this is to take a pitcher and add your fresh fruit or veggies to the pitcher of water and then it sit in the fridge for 4 hours before drinking.
  • If you are still needing a diet soda throughout the day, make yourself earn that diet soda by drinking two 8 ounces of water before you can have your diet soda.
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