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I Make No Apologies, So Unfriend Me Now |

I Make No Apologies, So Unfriend Me Now

1003387_10202951077043050_1236600912_n That was what I thought this morning when I got home from the YMCA only to get yet another nasty Facebook message from a suppose customer and friend. Her message to me was she was sick and tired of seeing all of my Facebook post talking about my accomplishments, struggles and etc. Some of the things mentioned was she was tired of seeing my check-ins to the YMCA and Planet Fitness and felt I was rubbing into others faces the fact that was I was working out. So let me set that record straight, I do not take my phone in to the YMCA or Planet Fitness when I work out, so I check-in on Facebook so my kids know where I am at so they can reach me in the case of an emergency, but why this would bother her is beyond me.

The bottom line my Facebook page is a reflection of me, my journey, my life, my struggles and lately my triumphs. One of the greatest features of being a member of the Facebook community is the ability to unfriend or block whom you want. So my advice to that lovely so called friend who sent me yet another nasty Facebook message, I make no apologies for what struggles and triumphs I share on Facebook or my blog. Because somewhere out there is someone who was just like me, feeling very alone, isolated and like they will never win the struggle of being overweight. I know that person’s struggles, I know how it is to embaressing and hard to confide in people, how your body constantly aches, that you don’t like to go out in the public because you feel the stares and people talking about you. This journey I am on, will most defiantly touch and reach people who were there where I was, and I only want to lift them up and tell them I have been there, and I am here for you now. Together we can change our lives, and not worry about what others think about us anymore, that today I am taking just one extra step, not eating that extra helping, or swimming that extra lap. Today I am going to push myself just a little bit harder than yesterday, and today I will do this for myself because I AM WORTH IT.

Those are some of the hardest words I have ever spoken to myself, but I can honestly tell you from the bottom of my heart each day I am finding that inner strength I never knew I had. Each day I am conquering a new hurdle, and even though the reflection that looks back at me in the mirror is not the one that I want yet, it is one that I am growing to love again. Today when I am throwing on my running shoes, and putting on my sweats and going to the gym, I do not give a damn what other people think of what I look like, or that I may not be able to walk the treadmill for a long period of time. What I  care about is that when I walk out of that gym, I hold my head up high, because I know that I gave it my all in there and did not hold back.

This morning I conquered one of my many fears which was swimming in the lap lane at the YMCA, sounds like a silly fear but I just didn’t think I was strong enough yet to swim a whole lap. But this morning after my water aerobic class I took the first step and guess what I could do 5 laps back and forth this morning and there were times when I would be half way through a lap and just wanted to put my feet down and rest, but I pushed myself to make it to the wall. Or after water aerobics as I was walking from inside the YMCA to my car, sometimes when my gym bag is heavy from wet towels and clothes I find myself having to rest and catch my breath as I walk to my car, but this morning I said no we are not stopping we are going to walk the long walk to the car without stopping, and I did it. This may seem like small minor things to someone whom is not overweight, but to someone like me who is these are huge awesome task we are accomplishing.

So bottom line is, I will not stop sharing my journey on my Facebook page or  my blog. For many reasons but mainly because I know I will touch and inspire someone out there whom is like me and hopefully I will encourage them to get healthy and that I am here for them. If reading about my journey and struggles and triumphs is that much of a nuisance to you, then please by all means unfriend me, because this Angie is done with making excuses and I won’t be changing what I share on Facebook anytime soon.

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  1. Joyce Hogue says:

    What a mean-spirited comment. But that’s life–just let it roll of your back and keep working hard. It reminds me of a long, hateful post a few months ago in which someone told a relative she had
    vinegar in her veins! You just have to laugh. . .

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