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Product Review: Special K Cereal Protein Plus |

Product Review: Special K Cereal Protein Plus

1609726_10201877937644354_202292708_n As everyone knows by now I am striving to make sure every meal I am getting the most protein I can, so when at Walmart last week I stumbled across Special K Protein cereal. The box and ingredients boasted that with each bowl of cereal and milk you could get 10 grams of protein, that is alot of protein for your meal. Since I do not like to cook much in the morning, I figured I would give this a try and see if it is as good as I was hoping for. Being a Special K fan for many years, I figured this cereal would taste simliar to the regular Special K cereal that I love so much, I was very wrong.

Special K Protein Cereal is not like normal Special K in that it is very sweet with a hint of cinnamon flavor, where as regular Special K Cereal contains hardly any sugar and is not a sweet cereal. Now on one point I enjoyed the cereal because I do have a tendancy to have a sweet tooth, but more times than none especially at breakfast I am not looking at sweet options. So while this cereal had a sweet cinnamon flavor that was delicious, it would probably not be a cereal I would eat on a daily basis, like I would with regular Special K cereal. From the reviews I have read online this Special K Protein is a new redesigned flavor that was recently rolled out as the original flavor was not sweetened and more closely resembled the regular Special K version. Personally I would of liked the older version, while this cereal is yummy and delicious, it is very very sweet. Almost sickening sweet, meaning I felt guilty while eating it like I was cheating on my diet it was so sweet.

The other aspects of this cereal is that within a few minutes your cereal is literally so mushy it is hard to swallow anymore, I love a cereal that has a great combo of softness and crunch. This cereal disappoints in that if you don’t eat your cereal very very quickly, you are literally stuck with a bowl of mush. Not really how I want to spend my morning in a race to finish my cereal before it turns to nasty to eat. Special K brand is one of my favorites and I love their regular cereal, even the regular brand gets mushy quickly, but this Special K Protein really get soft fast.

Nutrition Facts:

  • Calories are 120 of just 3/4 cup of cereal or if you add a 1/2 cup skim milk the calories are 160
  • Calories from fat is 10
  • Total Fat 2%
  • Saturated Fat 0
  • Sodium is 8% for just cereal or 11% with skim milk
  • Potassium is 4% just cereal or 9% with skim milk
  • Protein is 10 Grams per bowl


Great if you have a sweet tooth, this cereal has a sweet cinnamon flavor that is sure to appeal to anyone with a large sweet tooth.


The cereal gets soft and mushy way to quick, and causes you to race to eat your cereal as fast as possible. Special K Protein Cereal is way to sweet, almost so sweet it made feel guilty like you were cheating on your diet. This is a product that I am glad that I tried, but will not buy again I will look into Kashi cereal or another brand that is less sweet and still high on protein.

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