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Product Review: Special K Pastry Crisps Cookies And Creme |

Product Review: Special K Pastry Crisps Cookies and Creme

Kellogg's Special K Cookies & Creme Pastry Crisps While shopping at Walmart this weekend I was looking for items to help satisfy my sweet tooth while still being low in fat and calories and came across these Special K Pastry Crisp in Cookie and Creme flavor. The package showed a half of an Oreo cookie, and being a huge chocolate lover this really appealed to me. Oreo cookies is a huge weakness of mine and if these tasted anywhere similar to an Oreo cookie I was going to be thrilled.

The box of Special K Pastry Crisp were priced at normal price for $2.99 and contain 10 bars inside and 5 pouches, breaking down to about $.30 per bar. Now once you open the package you will see that is two nice sized chocolate bars inside, which to me was a bonus. When I have a snack I like to savor it and having two bars would allow you to feel full and still satisfy your sweet tooth. The bars are a very light and airy crisp like a wafer consistency, on the top it has chocolate frosting drizzled over the top. Inside the chocolate wafers is a marshmallow like frosting that was sweet and creamy, similar to a regular Oreo cookie. As to the filling and wafer ratio I felt that bars has just enough marshmallow frosting inside and had a definite crunch when you would bite into the wafer cookies. To give you a good example of the flavor of these bars if you have ever had Pop Tarts Cookies & Creme, these bars taste very similar just not as sweet.


Very convenient for grabbing a snack in a  hurry and still keeping your diet. Also very tasty and can help curb your sweet tooth and chocolate cravings.


The frosting on the top of the bars melts very easy and can make for a messy eating experience. The insides of the crisp could use a little bit more frosting in some spots they felt a bit hollow. Also these could be hard to eat just two, so keep track of your calories.



Disclaimer: I do not receive any compesenation from anyone for my product reviews currently these are based on my own personal opinions.

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