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Product Review: My Fitness Pal App |

Product Review: My Fitness Pal App

photo 1 Along my journey of losing weight I am trying very hard to make sure I get some excercise in, which right now I am not able to do alot so I have to then make sure I am watching what I eat. At first I was going to write down everything I eat into a diary, the problem is when I am out in public eating I would have to worry about dragging around my food diary and pen and I felt I would be forgetful and forget to write things down.

So after speaking with some online friends and family members they were all suggesting I try a free fitness app for your phones called My Fitness Pal. Now I have a Iphone but this a free app that is also available for those of you with android phones as well. Now this app is one of my most favorite apps I have installed for several reasons one of the top ones being the ease of use of this app is amazing.

photo 2 Techinally savy is not the type of person I am, so if an app is complicated and I cannot get the hang of it within 10-15 seconds, honestly I usually remove the apps. When I am looking for an app I want something that I do not have to read a Dummy guide book to learn and understand it, and that is why I loved My Fitness Pal. My Fitness Pal does several things the first and most important thing is it will determine how many calories you should be eating based on your height, weight and your goal of weekly weight loss. So for me for example my total calorie intake daily is 1630 and that is based on me losing on average 2 pounds a week. After you have figured out your daily calorie intake you are ready to start adding your meals and snacks to your My Fitness Pal app.

There is a couple of ways you can enter your food in this app, one of my most favorite ways is there is a UPC Scanner so if I am eating like for example this morning my Kelloggs Special K Protein Shake instead of typing in that LONG name, I simply used my app and scanned my drink and it automatically added it to my diet, figured out my carbs, protein and calories all within 5 seconds and I was done. The second option options is just as easy you would simply choose which meal you are adding information such as breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack. Then on the next screen type in your breakfast for example :”Nutri Grain Waffle and Sugar Free Log Cabin Syrup” and  you would find that simply click on it to add to your daily diet and be on your way. It will automatically figure out your new calorie amount for the rest of the day and also figure out your carbs and proteins for you.

Now I was scared that I would be forgetful and forget to add my food items, but for me it is a fun new way to really challenge myself to eat just a little bit under my daily calorie intake each day. This app has really help open my eyes at how many calories are in items that I would of normally eaten on a daily basis. The other thing it has done is make me evalutate everything I put into my mouth, I know it sounds silly but I look at the calories and decide if really want to eat an item. For example the other night I had a horrible a sweet tooth and my teenager had just made some yummy vanilla cupcakes sitting on the counter, just calling my name “Come on Angie Come Eat Me”  Ok not really but it sure felt like they were luring me over there, and instead I chose a Fiber One bar at 140 calories.

The database of food list this app has on it really helps with the ease of use, being able to easily find all of your foods from home cooking to eating out as well. So if you are like me and you are looking for something that is quick to use, and convenient by being located on your phone, then I would look into downloading this free app to your phone today.



Disclaimer: I do not receive any compesenation from anyone for my product reviews currently these are based on my own personal opinions.

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