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images As I have mentioned before I am just not a huge fan of drinking plain water unless of course I am working out or out in the sun and then I love plain water. So I needed something to help motivate me to get my daily water intake in! So I like to liven up my water and I have found a few personal tricks I love and some my friends have suggested and ones I still I want to try! Now a couple of tricks to know when making your flavored water is you can make these in pitchers and put them in the fridge and let them sit there for a few hours to like marinate and get ready for you to drink. Also when you are adding your fruit make sure you squeeze your fruit juice into the water before adding the fruit this will help make the flavors a little bit more bold, and on your herbs like mint you will want to twist it up a bit to bring out that rich flavor.

  • My most favorite way to drink my water is to squeeze and add a slice of lemon to my water. Sometimes I will even switch it up a bit and a slice of lime also. Makes a refreshing glass of water and great in the summertime.
  • Another great one is to add a slice of orange this is really delicious and you can usually drink two full bottles of water from just a couple of slices.
  • Mint, I love love mint whether it is in food or in my herbal I am a huge mint fan. It can be hard to find when out of season but a few sprigs of mint with cucumber is so good in your water.
  • Cucumber water has really gotten big over the last two years, and it is acquired taste but I personally love it.
  • Also just a reminder if you want more of an intense flavor be sure and squeeze your fruit in the water and twist your herbs to really bring out the bold flavors.
  • Mixed berries are also a great alternative to dress up your water you can use blueberries, blackberries, raspeberries and even strawberries
  • Now if you want to go tropical you could use pineapple and grapefruit, mango, oranges, and even cantaloupe.
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