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My Secret To Drinking My Daily Water |

My Secret to Drinking my Daily Water

photo 1 Ok I have to admit I hate hate drinking water! It is simply just boring and second I have gotten into the horrible habit of drinking all of my calories in soft drinks so the change to drinking plain old simple water stinks lol. But the benefit I feel is almost immediate. It is amazing to me that drinking just one of my large water bottles full of water a couple of things start to happen. One I feel more alert and two I start to get more energy even if just a little. So when I weigh that againest how I feel when I drink a soda, the water just makes more sense.

I have been off soda completely for three weeks and done really good I have replaced soda with a glass of caffeine free herbal tea instead and uping my water intake on a daily basis. One of the ways I do that is I went out and bought myself a pretty blinged out water bottle, I know how silly right? But the way I look at it anything that makes me get my water in take is worth it right? Second I add things to my water to give it just a hint of flavor.

Sometimes like today I will add lemons to it fresh lemons just squeezed into my water bottle, and some days I will fill a pitcher with cucumbers and mint and drink that. There are tons of fresh flavored water alternatives you can choose from I will post some recipes on here this week for you to play around with.

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