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Smaller Portions Made Easier |

Smaller Portions made easier


I was in with my dietician this week and she had a great tip that I heard in the past but she took it a step farther. We all know that we have to lower our portion size in order to loose weight, and that is one I personally need to work on. Well dietician suggested that you go the store and find the prettiest small salad plate that you love the design and look of. Once you find that perfect plate buy a couple and keep those plates only for you and no one else. By purchasing a plate  that you personally picked out and that you choosed it will make it easier to use. But by using a smaller size plate such as a salad plate and not allowing yourself to have seconds it will help you to only a set amount of food at each meal. Use this same principal for your bowls, I know alot of us have the larger cereal bowls with the high sides, but you should choose a saucer size with lower sides in order to fill with a smaller amount of food. Plan on purchasing my plates today or tomorrow depending on the Christmas crowds and I will be sure share my new plates and bowls!

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