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Eating Healthier On Christmas |

Eating Healthier on Christmas

christmas-healthy-eating-tips-for-kids-290x300 Let’s be honest Christmas day is going to be horrible to remember to eat smaller portions, be choosy on what we eat and limit all those goodies we look forward to all year long. Personally my hard food item will be Dad’s pork loin and pretzel salad, these are amazing. So I have been trying to think all weeks of diffrent tricks and tips I could use to help my own self and came across some great ideas I wanted to share with you all.

  • Try to fill your plate with healthier options one idea is to fill your plate half way with vegetables.
  • Bring a healthier option that you will also enjoy to the party, this will make sure you have a healthy options at Christmas dinner.
  • Hydrate, this is important sipping water throughout the day can help with the cravings and also help you to start to fill full so you avoid eating more than you should.
  • Keep it fresh. Choose fresh options whenever possible like your fresh veggies and fruit options.
  • Limit your alcohol. If you choose to drink on Christmas try to choose a lower calorie version, because often people forget that your calories can really add up when you start to drink.
  • Swap it out. If you are wanting to snack, do not punish yourself but instead swap out a unhealthy snack like cookies or cake with a healthier option like whole grain crackers, fresh fruit and veggies.
  • Chew Slowly, Talk alot. Chew your food slowly and be sure to talk alot and join in the conversation. By chewing longer and talking it will distract you from overeating.
  • Get outdoors. After your big Christmas meal get outside and go for a short walk, or if you are not able to walk long distances just move around, try to avoid sitting down for long periods of time or falling asleep.
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