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Warning O-Bitch In 2.3 Seconds |

Warning o-Bitch in 2.3 Seconds

1495503_10201717247347197_311749476_n Ok this should really be a warning badge placed on me for my friends and families safety. LOL No seriously I have decided that today is the day that I am giving up my other big addiction the dreaded soda.  As you can see from the picture above I am prepared, I have my bottled water with lemon, and excedrin migraine for any impending caffeine headaches. I know it is crazy to start all of this before Christmas I received a TON of notes from friends and family on that yesterday. So let me explain why now, why today.

I went to my Doctor yesterday and started the paperwork for my medically diagnosed diet that is required for my insurance company to pay for gastric bypass surgery. So yesterday started a ticking clock for me, a count down to my six month mark to when I have to have lose 32 pounds to qualify for surgery. So there is NO better time to start than now. Now I am not going to kill myself on Christmas, but I am going to try and make healthier choices, so that if I splurge and have a piece of dessert I will have compensated by making smarter choices for the rest of the day. I don’t want to punish myself on Christmas day, but I also don’t want to sabotage the rest of my week if that makes sense.

So today I am switching to drinking water and only water during the day. Water I feel is the safest thing to drink and not put calories on me that I no longer need. Now water to me is just plain boring and not something I love to drink if I am not working out and hot so I have to make it interesting. Today I just added some lemon in it, but I am running out today to get mint and cucumber so I can make a few pitchers of flavored water for my refrigerator. Another thing I have picked up is Crystal Light and MiO water enhancer both of these are zero in calories and add some flavors to your drink so that might be an great option for you.



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