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Some Permant Changes After Surgery |

Some Permant Changes After Surgery


For the last few months I have done a ton of research online to make sure that gastric bypass or weight loss surgery in general was for me. Part of that journey was reading tons and tons of inspiring blogs of women and men whom were in the process like me of having gastric bypass surgery, and those whom have had the surgery done within the last few years. This was important so that I truly understood the risk and complications that I will surely face. And the risk are something I am still finding out about daily.

Below are some of the risk that shocked me personally and there are more, but here are some of the ones I can think of off the top of my head.

  • You can expect to loose up to 60% of your weight in the first 9-12 months, but you may find after that point that you weight will plateau and you will have to work harder to maintain your weight loss.
  • Another VERY important thing to know and understand is that you have to chew chew chew your food to like applesauce consistency at EVERY meal. Chewing your food thoroughly is essential to preventing nausea and vomiting during and after your meal. Large chunks of food can have trouble passing through the digestive tract after surgery, and if it gets stuck along the way, it can cause pain.
  • Can no longer have ibuprofen of any kind after surgery will have to switch to Tylenol based products
  • Can no longer have caffeine as my stomach will be the size of a ping pong ball and I will only be allowed to hold a little bit of liquid and I don’t want to get dehydrated and caffeine is a diuretic that will cause you to loose fluids.
  • You cannot eat anything sweet or sugary without serious consequences. One of the biggest is called “Dumping Syndrome” this can mean diarrhea and if you have ever had low blood sugar you can also have the sweats, shakes, nauseous, and dizziness.
  • Foods you use to like, now may cause you to be sick or not feel well. Your food taste may also change.
  • Hair Loss or changes in your hair. Alot of people I have read can loose up to 1/3 of their hair and this is a normal process that is caused from the anesthesia and the surgery itself. Also some people with curly hair found that their hair was not as curly.
  • You will have to take Vitamins for the rest of your life, this is crucial and not optional. And this will actually be a challenge for me because it will require taking up to 7-8 pills per day and I hate, hate, hate swallowing pills. One of my weird phoebe as lol.
  • You need to eat a protein at every meal, this is something my dietician stressed that I need to do now before surgery. The reason you are to eat a protein is because it is a very filling item to help you feel full, and also you will not only loose fat after surgery but also muscle mass and you need protein to build this back up again. Some great options for protein are beans, peanut butter (1 tsp), nuts (limit your amount due to high fat content), eggs, dairy and meat.
  • DO NOT drink carbonated drinks anymore , the bubbly sensation from the carbonation can cause very painful gas in your small stomach pouch. Especially after surgery as this can cause pain and pressure on the stitches and staples.
  • You CANNOT drink and eat at the same time. You have to allow around half hour between eating and drinking from now on. The reason being is that you stomach is so small that if you drink while eating your stomach will fill up with fluids and not allow nutritious food that you need. Or if you eat first and then drink it may wash the food that you need for nutrition down your stomach.
  • Limit your alcoholic drinks. This is super super important, especially in women. When you have surgery they have to re-route your intestines and doing this the new section of intestines will not absorb like it use to therefore you will find that you can get drunk very fast. They have actually seen a rise in people whom have had gastric bypass surgery and those becoming alcoholics, so please be mindful and aware that this is a big concern and let you family know so they can watch out for signs of this.
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