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Exercise Ideas Or Obese People |

Exercise Ideas or Obese People

If you are like me you may be very over weight and not sure where to start to loosing those pounds, don’t worry we are in the same boat. I am simply going to watch what I eat, cut out soda and sugary drinks completely, and lower my portion size and then be more active. Being active can be a challenge so I looked up some tips that might help you out and get you motivated as well to get to moving!

Water Exercises:

Personally I love water aerobics I know some people think of it has a old person’s exercise and maybe it is. All I know is I feel so much better once I am done, and I feel like I actually accomplished something so to me that is all that matters. Working out in the water is easy on your joints and will help you burn calories. Things you can do if you are not going to take a class is simply walking in the water, swimming or doing a simple workout in the water will all help you out. A great idea if you cannot afford classes is to get a water noodle for like $2 at Walmart and use that as your resistance in the water by paddling using that, we used these in the YMCA classes and it gives your arms a good workout after awhile.

Chair Yoga:

I have never heard of this myself, however I am personally very interested in trying Yoga out. But at this moment I want to get more confident in my fitness level before I jump over that hurdle lol But when researching different ideas I came across Chair Yoga and was interested. Chair Yoga is suppose to help you  in improving your flexibility, strength and fitness level. Some people have even found a improvement in their sleep at night, manage their stress levels, help with belly weight and weight loss. SIGN ME UP lol Everything I need lol You can find Chair Yoga DVDs on amazon I will post a few links below for your reference.

Chair Aerobics:

Chair aerobics when combined with resistance exercises like using an exercise band can really help you increase your fitness level and start losing weight and toning your body. It might not be ideal as regular cardio is the best to get you started, but if you are not there yet you can always try chair aerobics there are DVDs available on Amazon as well to help you out. I personally do not think this is for me as I can do regular cardio just not for long periods of time. But I will post some links below to videos that might help you out. And just remember it doesn’t matter where you start at, it is that you START.

Exercise Ball:

71EjsNiSvnL._SL1500_ Now before you go out and purchase an exercise ball and waste your money there are a few things you need to know as an obese person. First off make sure the ball can hold your weight, each exercise ball has a maximum weight allowance so be sure to check that out. Second and just as important is to make sure you get a exercise ball that is anti-burst so you don’t have to fret or worry about this, and this does usually cost a little more but it is worth it to have peace of mind. I personally found one on Amazon for $24.99 it holds up to 2000 pd and it is a anti-burst ball. My goal is to use this in my office to start working on my core stomach muscles. They say to simply sit on it on carpet at first in case you fall, and concentrate on the TV not the ball to get your balance and then sit on it a little longer each day. Once you feel confident on your exercise ball then you go onto different exercises.

Excercise ball on Amazon


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