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Soda Lovers Unite |

Soda Lovers Unite

index I am a person whom drinks all or most of her calories! And for me it is a mental thing and it has take me years to understand why I am so addicted to drinking soda! But then one day it was like a light from above lol No seriously my Mom when I was younger from kindergarten and up would not allow me to have soda or chips or snack foods at all. I can remember coming home from kindergarten and sitting with my Mom in the living room and she would be watching her Soaps and drinking her Coca Cola and eating her snack foods in front of me but I was not allow to touch them. Looking back now I am pretty sure my Mom had a problem with food herself.

There were times where I would reach over to grab a chip and she would literally smack my hand away. She became like a monster if anyone tried to take her soda or chips or whatever she was eating at the time. So my whole childhood foods like were eaten in front of me but rarely I was allowed to have them. And even up to death three years ago my step Dad said she was still going to the gas station daily to get a large fountain soda. Now today I find myself doing the same thing. Now I have never denied my kids food, or reacted the way she did towards me, but I do find myself drinking soda daily and getting bitchy and down right cranky if I don’t have it. It is the so hard to explain other than as soon as I take my first drink of my soda I instantly calm down and feel more at ease, the same way I would feel right after I took my first puff off that cigerette. So now I need to find something else I can do

Soda is my evil addiction it is as powerful to me as cigerrettes were. It may sound silly but drinking soda is as much an addiction to me as needing to grab that last puff of a good smoke. So I was told to slow down this month on my soda but I have decided it would be best if I did it COLD turkey like I did when I quit smoking. So I wanted to find advice to help me out during this time and maybe it would help someone else out if they too were addicted to sodas.

Problems from Drinking Soda

  • People who one or more sodas per day are twice as likely to develop Type 2 Diabetes
  • The sugars and sweeteners found in soda will cause weight gain
  • The sugars and sweeteners found in soda will also start to erode your teeth by eating away at your enamel

Alternatives to try when trying to get off of Soda

  • 100% Fruit Juice is a great option but you still have to watch the calorie and sugar intake on these as well
  • Non fat milk which can give you a calcium boost
  • unsweetened tea like green tea that way you are still getting your caffeine just not the carbonation and calories and sugars
  • If you like the carbonation of soda you could try seltzer water and even add some fruit juice to it
  • Coffee with sweetener to help with caffeine
  • Water with Lemon or Lime or Cucumber or other fruit in it


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