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Physical Symptoms Of Being Overweight |

Physical Symptoms of Being Overweight

110908093212-fat-proof-scale-story-top I told you this blog would be honest, and I want to keep my promise lol OK a lot of people will look at overweight people out in public and judge us, I know it is hard not too. But I wanted to share how being obese affects my life on a daily basis, so maybe it helps those whom are not overweight understand our daily struggles.

Things as simple as tying your own shoes is a huge struggle, most of my family and friends probably notice I rarely ever wear tennis shoes or anything that requires me having to sit down and tie my shoes. Why? It is hard being fat and having to cross my legs to tie my shoes. It is the honest truth something as simple as tying your shoes is a struggle for me. How about walking in the grocery store? This too his a huge struggle and something I have learned to deal with over the years with a few tricks lol (Which I am sure my kids and friends already know) Whenever I am out shopping I always have to be the one to push the cart, why? Because the weight on my stomach weighs we down so much and puts such a HUGE strain on my back that I need to push the cart to help elevate the stress and pain on my back. In restaurants I cannot sit in a table that has a booth because I feel like you are trying to squeeze me into a section that is to small for me and it causes me huge anxiety.

Just walking in a store will wind me easily and I will have to take breaks to catch my breath. Just cleaning my own house will take me twice as long as it would take someone who was not obese. It amazes me how much I have had to adjust my life and make accommodations to learn to live like this. And it is something I am not willing to do any further, so I guess what I am hoping is next time you see someone whom is overweight. Think before you judge, because you have no idea how their life has been to get them to the point they are at now. Have COMPASSION and UNDERSTANDING that is my goal!

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  1. Even though I’ve lost a good chunk of my weight now, I still go into handicapped bathroom stalls because I feel like I need the extra room. Then, I go in there and realize I don’t. Its funny the accommodations we make for the weight without really realizing it. This is a great first step – honesty with yourself. 🙂

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