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Meet My Partner In Crime |

Meet my Partner in Crime

1471910_10201713215726409_1115869033_n OK since I am not able to do a lot of cardio right now I have to start somewhere right? Well I decided on a few options! One of course is walking! LOL And so my partner in crime in this adventure is Chewey lol He is my adorable puppy from my best friend! He is a mix of Jack Russell Terrier and Chihuahua and  just plain TROUBLE. lol This dog has the poor “Doberman personality” meaning he thinks he is some big bad ass dog sent here to protect me and Torie from any impending danger lol

So that will be my new partner in crime helping me with my goals of getting more active, now let’s just hope his poor little legs will able to keep up! Some of the other active things I have decided upon is I am resigning up for the YMCA right now because if you sign up before end of January they will not charge you the start up fee. And the YMCA offers the swimming pool which is a great option for a low impact form of exercise. Our local YMCA also offers several water aerobic classes so figure I would give this a whirl until our pool in our neighborhood opens up!

Second I have a membership at Planet Fitness and I will use this to work out in, I probably will not work out at the YMCA simply because the work out area is always extremely crowded, and Planet Fitness is only $10 a month. At Planet Fitness I am going to work on exercise bike and all the weight machines. Treadmill right now is a little hard on my back but I don’t see to have a problem with the exercise bike so I figure I will start off there and work my way up! If anyone cares to join me at either place to join me for a workout just let me know!!

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