Heartache, Loss and Weight Gain The Trifecta

So the last nine months have been probably the hardest I have been through in my life, to say the very least. As most of you know I talk about my husband Larry a lot, the love of my life. When I met this man, I just knew that we were soul mates, and I […]

This Is Us Character Could Of Been Written For Me

Have you seen the phenomenal show this is us on NBC, it’s is an amazing and emotional roller coaster of a show. Each of the characters has flaws and characters that we can all relate to, or maybe they remind us of someone we know. For me Kate is very much me, and i still […]

Apple Does Not Fall From The Tree Part 2

As I taked about in my first part of this blog series, my daughter Gina and I have so much in common, unfortunatly two of the things I wish we didn’t have in common is having abusive Mother, and a controlling husband. Gina’s adoptive Mother was very verbally abusive saying things like “I wish I […]

Worst Part Of Being a Trucker

Is easily eating healthy on the road, it is much harder than you think and yours truly has not been doing good and needs to back on the wagon as they say. My hubby has a phobia of eating left overs, not joking. So meal planning has not been possible in our life at the […]

Apple Does Not Fall Far From The Tree

On May 19, 1995 I held in my arms my only daughter who literally was a splitting image of me, with her dark brown hair and her same lips and fingers and toes. Within 24 hours I would have to give her to Easter House Adoption agency the hardest decision of my life. The next […]

Found My Adopted Daughter—Grab Your Kleenex

So as most of you whom follow my blog know about 22 years ago I gave up a daughter for adoption.  It was the hardest decision of my life and one I questioned everyday if I did the right thing. Almost two years ago I knew she had turned 21 yrs and I could contact […]

Chocolate Java Protein Shake For On The GO!!

Over the last few months I have been looking for healthy protein smoothie ideas that I could pre-package for us to take on the truck. Something I could put into freezer ziplock bags and make easy healthy meals for us on the GO and below is some great recipes I found! If you have one […]

My CDL School Adventure

So as I explained in my last blog post I set out on a crazy adventure to get my CDL License, so that I could go over the road with my husband and we could save up for our retirement. Well getting my license was the biggest battle of my life, more so than losing […]

Big Life Changes-New Home

So sorry I have not written in awhile as with anyone life can get in the way! Well lots of big news happening and I wanted to share it with everyone. As most of my readers know my new hubby is a truck driver. About 6 months ago we were approached by his boss and […]

Dear Obesity—You will Never Control Me Again

Dear Obesity: I first met you in my early twenties, after becoming a young mom married to a alcoholic, and that my dear friend is when you showed up in my life. You were a friend I had hoped I would never meet, or have to deal with for almost twenty years of my adult […]